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Zhengzhou Huilong Advertising Equipment Factory PV

Features Specifications:Zhengzhou Huilong Advertising Equipment Factory PV

Zhengzhou Huilong Advertising Equipment Factory. For many years our company has been devoted to manufacturing design production. Some of our equipment includes our automatic canvas welding machines which are in high demand. Our market even extends to Southeast Asia and even extends into some European countries. We have three kinds of machines:Ihigh-tech and high power. The characteristics of our machines are small and affordable and they are extremely easy to operate. Our machines are capable of welding the product together seamlessly without the use of glue and it is also has a light weight frame which makes it very convenient for moving from place. Our product has received much praise from advertising circles. As of now we are seeking qualified sales representatives.
Ⅰ.Field of application
The Intelligent HL-15 is applied in advertising painting industry.Spraying cloth, Lightbox Fabric, Shade cloth,shearing cloth,Baoli cloth,mesh cloth、PVC、PE Hot-melt plastic membranes。

Company Information

Huilong Advertising Equipment Factory.Zhengzhou,China

  • Country/Region:43
  • Business Nature:Trading
  • Phone:86-0371-66691110
  • Contact:fugangsong(Sales)
  • Last Active:13 August 2010

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